Jason Derulo is a superstar. His hits such as “Colors” storm the charts, he fills stadiums and huge halls all around the world – and he’s in the Silvretta Arena on 24 November. Everyone knows him. But here are 5 things which you didn’t know about Jason Derulo til now.

1) Jason Derulo’s name is actually Jason Joel Desrouleaux
The singer changed his surname for a relatively banal reason: the way he writes it now is much easier to pronounce everywhere in the world. Radio presenters and moderators should be really grateful.

2) Jason wrote his first song when he was five years old
Even then he knew he wanted to be a performer. But what’s really surprising is that it was a love song.

3) The singer brings his own microphone stand to every concert
We all have our own quirks. Derulo’s quirk is just a bit more difficult to store.


In 2015, Derulo stopped singing his own name at the beginning of his songs
That’s right, before then he really did sing his name at the start of every song. In 2015, though, he realised he’d outgrown the habit.

5) He has a shark tank built into his living room
He could of course say that he likes to conduct scientific observations to round off the day. But he admits instead that the shark tank is just decorative.