The festival of joy and of the family – this is why most people (at least those who don’t work in tourism) celebrate Christmas at home in their own four walls. That’s a mistake. We have five good reasons why Christmas is best celebrated in a hotel.


Grandma’s sausages or Uncle Hermann’s greasy carp

Christmas Day is a festival day. We should enjoy it, have a good time, and celebrate – so why then, may we ask, do we have to eat half-burnt sausages on this of all days, just because Grandma has always cooked them like that, or the greasy carp Uncle Hermann’s so proud of? Everyone in the family is at liberty to eat what they want – but it’s better when there’s a proper choice. And a chef who knows his craft and has really gone for gold this evening, rather than a cliché.



Speaking of which: when do you eat, before or after giving presents? Do you say prayers, and if so, what? And what about singing? There are different traditions in every family, but if new families are created over the course of a lifetime (and yes, this is does happen), which tradition should you adopt? His or hers? Do you really have to torture the Germans at your side now with the Christmas Eve ritual from the furthest reaches of Ybbstal in Austria, or does the man from Vienna really have to sing folk songs from Kärnten just because her grandmother always did? It’s all but impossible to avoid an argument. Unless you start a new tradition – and go to a hotel.


Games you played as a child

Board games which you enjoyed playing when you were young: someone will always bring them up late at night on Christmas Day, as surely as the schnapps after the thirtieth biscuit, and in your parent’s living room there is no escape. Of course no one of a more advanced age is interested in a 3-hour game of Cluedo, but how can you explain that to Mum? It’s just not worth it. The best way out is to celebrate Christmas somewhere where there’s bound to be no Cluedo – in a hotel.


Tidying up

Have you ever tried to get the small scraps of paper automatically produced by excited children ripping at wrapping paper out of the grooves in not-so-new herringbone parquet floorboards? Exactly. Let the professionals do it. And by that we mean the professionals from the hotel housekeeping.


Leaving at the height of the party

Christmas is beautiful. But even the best party has to end at some point. When the tree is lit up in your own living room and you’re the host, you have to stay awake until the last guest has had enough and slips off to bed. In a hotel, it’s different. The party is over then whenever you want it to be.

And that’s probably the best thing of all about Christmas in a hotel – the fact that the next day is a skiing day.